HUBBARD F37: High Productivity with fast broiler growth and high meat yield.

The Hubbard F37 product is a very efficient conventional product in all conditions, adapting to diverse feed and climate factors without fail, enabling high chick productivity combined with the good performance of a fast-growing, heavy-weight chicken with a nice conformation.

The main attributes of the Hubbard F37 broilerare its ability for fast growth due to its hardiness and adaptability to different environments, while satisfying the requirements of the processing plant. All these advantages allow it to obtain the best cost prices for live bird markets or whole carcass sales.

Being an excellent breeder, the Hubbard F37 female can produce an average of 148 chicks in 64 weeks. Its ability to adapt to many environments makes it an easy product to manage in as well as temperate as tropical climate where it particularly widens the gap with its competitors.