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  • A commitment from Hubbard International to produce nutritious mothers with distinctive genetic characteristics. Through Misr Group, it provides the Egyptian breeder with the latest technologies and scientific and field methods that enabled the F37 breeding mothers to achieve the highest performance.
  •  Breeding mothers F37 is a summary of years of research aimed at supplying the poultry industry with a distinctive strain in terms of …. Body weight .. Bio .. Production rates .. Fertility rates
    And hatching (by producing a large number of hatching eggs and fattening chicks.) The F37 was chosen to give the largest amount of meat compared to other breeds.
  •  The goal of the F37 strain is to increase the proportion of breast meat in broilers, whether in markets that require heavy birds or markets that require medium-weight birds.
     The F37 breeding mothers have a unique genetic formula that enables this genetic structure to express itself under different environmental and care conditions…… This guide shows how to manage nutrition and environmental factors to maximize the genetic makeup of F37 breeding mothers and maximize performance. These factors are side by side The main ingredients required for good performance of the strain
  • The F37 Mothers Guide should be read in full before the plans for the care and management of herds are developed. This guide highlights several factors that affect the performance of mother herds,
    Take into account when developing plans for the care and management of herds.
  •  Technical recommendations and standard performance rates in this manual were obtained through the latest field experiences and from herds under ideal breeding and care conditions
    Environmental conditions and herd management style.
  •  The guide may need some adjustments that are compatible with local conditions and this is done with the assistance of our technical team
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