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HUBBARD F37: High Productivity with fast broiler growth and high meat yield. The Hubbard F37 product is a very efficient conventional product in all conditions, adapting to diverse feed and climate factors without fail, enabling high chick productivity combined with the good performance of a fast-growing, heavy-weight chicken with a nice conformation. The main attributes of the Hubbard F37 broiler are its ability for fast growth due..

NOVOgen White Light

The NOVOgen WHITE LIGHT has been designed to perform in various environments. Easy to manage without specific techniques of management, with the NOVOgen WHITE LIGHT you will get satisfaction thanks to its performance potential, its excellent internal and external egg quality traits.

NOVOgen Brown Light

The NOVOgen BROWN LIGHT is a brown bird with white under feathering, producing brown eggs. The NOVOgen BROWN LIGHT produces a high number of saleable eggs with high quality. Easy to manage, calm, the NOVOgen BROWN LIGHT is the bird you are looking for. With the NOVOgen BROWN LIGHT, its excellent egg quality and its potential of production, you will optimize your profit.

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